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03 July 2011 @ 05:24 pm
fanfic: skins - the colours we paint ourselves  
Title: The Colours We Paint Ourselves (previously "As Yet Untitled")
Author: winter_lace
Fandom: Skins
Characters: Katie Fitch, Effy Stonem, James Cook, Tony Stonem... mentions of Emily, Naomi, JJ and Freddie.
Rating: NC17
Summary: In which Cook does something thoughtless and gets something in return.
Previous Parts: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five

"You totally would, wouldn't you?" She says fire in her voice.

"Ugh... yeah." He says, a little doubtful of his plan and he flinches away when he sees her sudden moment. She's not hitting him though; she's clasped her hand around the back of his neck and is pulling him down to smash his lips against hers. His mind makes the brief conclusion that this particular reaction was unexpected before she pulls him back with her on the bed.

Her kisses are eager, all lips, tongue and teeth, bruising even, he can feel all her anger, frustration and even her sadness in her kisses. He can hear the alarm bells going off in his head, shit could get really fucken complicated depending on what his actions were from here on out. If they had sex it might not just be Katie kicking him out but it could be just as likely that Effy turned against him too, even though she had made it clear that any type of sexual relationship they had was over a long time ago. But then if he turned her down, he run the risk of upsetting her or humiliating her, which could also lead to him being kicked out or destroying the careful friendship they had built of the past few weeks. Then there was the part of him that really wanted to be in this situation, had wanted to be with her in this particular situation for a while.

He's cautious as he takes control of the ferocity of their kisses, slowing them down, making them deeper, softer. Till he finally pulls away and looks down on her. Her lips are rosy and perfect, and her eyes bright. "Are you sure about this?" He's almost embarrassed at how husky his voice is already and he's was trying vainly not to think about how hard he already was.

"Don't you want me?" She says. Her voice is small. Lost.

He casually pushes his hard on against her thigh, "That's not enough to convince you?"

"No offence, but you're a guy." She replies deadpanned.

"Trust me. I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to be. This is a fantasy I've had for some time."

"With me?"

"Don't sell yourself short Katiekins. Any day of the week, any time." He drops light kisses on her forehead and nose. His mind already making a plan of attack, he couldn't go about this the normal way. This was about making her feel wanted, beautiful, loved. It was then the perfect sentence comes to mind, it was a rare moment when he ever said the right thing at the right time. "It's just that I value our friendship Katie, I don't want to fuck it up by indulging in whatever this is, even though I want to."

He watches the warmth seep back into her eyes with that. "Just this once," she replies, "I need you." her words go straight to his groin and he's hard pressed to supress the groan that comes with it. They resume their kissing; Cook can feel Katie's nail's digging in through his t-shirt that sent shivers down his spine. He rests on his elbow, letting his right hand slip underneath her shirt to stoke her warm soft skin with his thumb. Her nails scraped down to the hem of his shirt, gripping the bottom she pulls it almost viciously over his head. He takes the brief lack of contact as an opportunity to pull her shirt over her head. He's almost frozen by the sight of her barely there black lace bra, she catches the appreciative glance and reacts by digging her nails in a little at his sides.

When he moves his kisses from her mouth to her neck she breathes in appreciatively that turns into a moan when his hand moves to lightly knead her breast, his thumb running over her nipple, through the lace of her bra. He lets his lips trail from her neck down her chest to her breast, then her nipple, which he takes into mouth, rolling the hard nub with his tongue and a gentle scrape of his teeth. Her nails digging into his back and her throaty moans told him that she appreciated the gesture.

Cook concentrates on giving her as much attention and pleasure as he can, never before had he been so attentive with a lover. It was a hard fought concentration, against her moans, the pressure of her nails digging into his back and her hips bucking against his, every single thing that sent a hard electrically pulse straight to his cock. When her perfect rosy lips lock onto his neck and he feels her teeth graze against his skin, her nails flicking over his nipples, his eyes roll back into his head and it takes everything he has not to unzip his pants, rip off her knickers and thrust himself into her hot tight pussy. He bites the inside of cheek till the pain almost makes his eyes water and brings his focus to the perfect glowing thing beneath him.

He makes quick work of her bra, no matter how sexy it looked it needed to go, he sees the look in her eye when she realises how quickly he removed it but he silences the biting quip she’s thinking of with a searing kiss and “Shut up” hissed through his teeth. He doesn’t want her to think of all those other girls he’s practised with. She quick to resume her burning kisses to his neck and collarbone, her small hands pulling and tugging at his pants, he jerks roughly against her when he feels her hot hand wrap around his cock.

“Commando?” she whispers in his ear, closing her mouth around the lobe and tugging with her teeth. It takes a lot of control, more control that Cook even realises he has, at any other point in time he would have let go of his control a long time ago, sinking into the natural give and take of sex. But this beautiful fragile porcelain girl beneath him, the first time he had ever seen this devastatingly broken side of Katie, needed his attention. More than his cock did. He had gone into this, for the first time in his life, to try and make someone feel loved. He wanted to show Katie just how beautiful he found her. He stills her hands, pushing them away and tries not to let the loss of contact show too much on his face.

He can see the confusion on Katie's face, and it's hard not to let his mind wander to her past partners taking advantage of her eagerness to please. He kisses her confusion away, brushing his hands up her thighs, his fingers clasping the rim of her tights and knickers, her pulls them down in a stilted, hurried movement. Her denim mini skirt is quick to join them on the floor.

He slides down her body a little, painting her creamy skin with more kisses, noticing with smug satisfaction that her breathing was becoming increasingly short pants. He glances up at her from the apex of her thighs, she was looking down at him with heavy hooded brown eyes, her milky skin flushed, rosy nipples swollen and taut. Already a faint purple bruise was forming on the side of her breast. Cook repressed a smug smirk, but a hot lance of pleasure burns through his gut knowing that she now carried his mark. As temporary as it was. He lets his eyes connect with her and holds her gaze as he parts his lips and blew gently against her hot core.

He watches as her eyes flutter shut and a whispered, "Oh God" escapes her lips. He drags the pad of this thumb over her clit, watching her thighs tremble and hearing mewling sounds emerge from her lips. Her sounds of pleasure and the evidence of her wetness now slick on his fingers makes his male pride burn. He plays with her opening before easing two fingers inside her hot slickness. He almost goes cross eyed at the thought of how tight she would be around his dick.

Humming he takes the small nub of her slit into his mouth, suckling and licking alternatively. He can hear her moaning growing more and more audible. He pulls away and lifts his head to watch her, hands clutching at the covers, creamy skin flushed, spine bowed, head thrown back, eyes squeezed shut and her hips thrusting against his fingers. So enraptured by her he forgets himself for a minute, and just smirks down at her. Her eyes flutter open when she realises his fingers have stopped doing all those wonderful things.

“Don’t you dare fucking stop!” She growls at him. He just grins at her curling his fingers inside her and using his thumb to roll her clit, he kisses her thighs as the begin to shudder. “Fuck….. fuck!” slipping through clenched teeth as she tightens around him, gasping loudly she falls back onto the bed, boneless.

Cook kisses her thigh one more time before gently removing his fingers from her still pulsing pussy and slowly moving up her body, dropping light kisses along the way. He glances at his fingers a brief moment, not willing this moment to become something she remembered by a stain on her cover he licks his fingers clean. His stomach gives a warm pull when he realised he’s being watched by a pair of heavy brown eyes. Instead of her face being scrunched up in disgust, it’s glowing with a soft smile, every line of worry that he’s seen etched on her face smoothed away.

Languorously she stretches out, curling her toes and sighing delightedly. She leans in for a kiss, all soft and unhurried. Already in his mind, Cook knows that he’s never going to forget seeing her like this.

“Thank you.” She whispers, smiling against his lips.

When she pulls away, still smiling at him he just winks and replies with, “Glad to be of service.” Vainly trying to dispel the crack in his voice. Internally his brain was firing at full speed, wondering at how much his pride had bloomed at causing her to have such a reaction, flashes of her during orgasm and the ever present almost painful pulsing of his own need. Never before in any other sexual encounter had he been so intently focused on his partners pleasure and not his own. Now he was trying to think of a non-awkward way of slipping out of her room to take care of his problem, it wouldn’t take much, one or two strokes and the image of her clenching around his fingers… just the thought of it sent a stroke of pleasure straight to his balls.

She slid down the bed, smiling down at him, startled by the movement of the bed covers, Cook jerks away before hey notices Katie hovering predatorily above his straining erection. She's got her small hand gripping his pants, at his hips. Every time her fingers brush against his skin, they leave a trail of burning fire in their wake.

"Katie, what are you..." he's silenced abruptly by her rough and sudden yanking of his pants down to his ankles. And then she’s got her small hot hand closing around his shaft, stroking slowly.

“Katie you don’t have to do this.” But she just smiles indulgently at him sending hot electric pulses straight through his body, then her smile broadens as she lowers her head and wraps her lips around him. Cook’s eyes roll into the back of his head and he fights the overwhelming urge to thrust a deep as he can into the scorching caravan of her mouth. And … Holy fuck was she good. In his mindless mind the briefest of thoughts passes across, that this could possibly be the best blow job of his life but the thought falls away.

Katie sucks, licks, rolls and does things with her tongue that Cook didn’t realise was possible, With the aid of her hands, on around the base of his cock, the other massaging his balls. A litany of very colourful swear words are just slipping from his mouth, and then the pressure of her hand disappears from the shaft of his dick, his manages to open his eyes slightly and glance down to see her brown eyes staring back at him, it’s almost as if she’s smiling around his dick, he feels the slight brush of teeth that sends an uncontrollable shudder through him. And as he watched she slowly started to take more of him into her mouth, he’s practically cross-eyed by the time the head of his cock hits that back of her throat and he just can’t restrain his hips any longer and he can feel her mouth tighten around him unexpectedly as tried to hold back form gagging but the felling for her muscles contracting around him was just too much.

“Shit! Fuck! Katie I’m going to …” He tries to warn her but she doesn’t pull away and then his orgasm rushes forth and pulls him into bliss.

It could have been seconds or minutes later when he feels her weight shift on the bed, to lie beside him. When he opens his eyes she’s on her side staring at him and to his surprise doesn’t look in least angry. He had been expecting a slap to the head honestly.

“Katie… I’m sorry, I tried to warn you but…” he croaks out. But she just shrugs the little shoulders of hers.

“Every boyfriend I have ever had made it very clear that they preferred me to swallow. I was so desperate to be a good girlfriend that I always did; now I just don’t mind it. You didn’t taste particularly bad either.” She wipes her thumb over the corner of her mouth, wiping away invisible traces of his cum and sucks the evidence away with her mouth.

“Jesus babes…” He drops a light kiss on her perfect lips and smiles at her. “You’re going to make some man extremely lucky one day. Don’t ever fucken doubt it.” She smiles at him and Cook tries to memorise every detail of this moment knowing that he’ll never be this lucky again. To see her stripped of her Katie Fucken Fitch armour. To see her so free of all the responsibility and worry she carried with her now. To see her just as some very lucky prick would be able to see her every day for the rest of her life. And he tries not to dwell on the fact that it wouldn’t be him.

“Can we just lie here for a bit, Cook?” She asks and honestly he doesn’t think there would be a thing in the world right now that he would deny her.

“’Course Katiekins.”
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twilight118twilight118 on July 5th, 2011 06:30 am (UTC)
ok, those were all the things I was going to say too! lol

So, ditto and Great job!
monumentalily on July 5th, 2011 06:12 pm (UTC)
aww that was so sweet! im really interested to see how this all plays out! you're doing a great job with this story :)